Dwelling in You

1 Corinthians 3:16-17  “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God , him shall God destroy: for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” 


I like junk food. I like chips, fast food, and most of all candy. I like candy more than the average child. The gummy, sour, sweet, chewy kind of candy. And I would eat it a lot along with all sorts of junk with no thought to how it was affecting my body. For the past several years I have had random pains in my right hip area. It hurt enough to be bothersome but not enough to see a doctor about. But gradually over time the pain got worse, a lot worse.  I couldn’t even stand for a few minutes without extreme pain. It was beginning to affect my life and the duties I need to fulfill daily, like taking care of my children. So I went to the doctor, who sent me for scans and referred my to specialist who sent me for more scans and referred me to different specialist. After countless appointments, numerous blood test, MRIs, CT scans, and physical therapy, all results came back normal all scans were clear. But I still had this intense pain. During an appointment with a rheumatologist she proceeded to tell me that I had fibromyalgia. She went on to tell me this doesn’t mean I am a hypochondriac (yeah right!) and prescribed me medication proven to help this syndrome. Well needless to say I did not believe her. Fibromyalgia! Thats not even a real thing, I even wrote a paper in my college health class saying so! I took the pills for a few weeks but quickly gave up on them and the whole fibromyalgia idea. It wasn’t until an appointment with a doctor whom I have known for along time and trusted came up with the same diagnosis that I began to warm up to the idea that maybe fibromyalgia is real and just maybe I actually have it. I began my own research of this “syndrome” and the more I looked into the symptoms the more I was convinced I did indeed have “FB” (that doesn’t stand for Facebook, ha ha) and a lot of strange health issues I had were all contributed to FB.


So now I was convinced I had this strange syndrome, what was I going to do about it. Most people with FB are on 2-3 prescriptions daily to help them deal with things like extreme fatigue, pain, and insomnia. But the more I thought about it that was not the future I wanted for myself. Several medications with all sorts of side effects everyday for the rest of my life. I am only 28 years old! There must be a better way. I began to pray to The Lord for wisdom to make the right decisions with my health. If medication was the right choice to make I was ok with that but I want to research all my options. After talking to women at church who struggled with the same illness and reading books from the library I began to examine the things I was doing to my body on a daily basis, is what I’m eating having an affect on the way I feel? Does the phrase “you are what you eat”  have some truth to it? If so then I’m just a hunk of junk! Maybe your reading this and thinking well duh! of course what you eat has an affect on your health, but maybe your like me and really never thought about it. I never thought that the McDonalds sandwich I was eating would have lasting affects on my health. It was like suddenly the light came on. We truly are what we eat.


So I began to search scripture. Does the word of God saying anything about what we should eat or not. Does it say anything about our food affecting our health? In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve were told they could eat anything in the garden except one tree ( we all know how that went), the Jews were restricted from eat pork, among other things, but what about today? How should we eat today? This is when the Lord brought to my mind the Scripture in 1 Corinthians 3 the Bible says in verse 16 that “know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” When we are saved our bodies become the home or better yet “temple” of the Holy Spirit. In verse 17 we are told not to defile the temple of God (our bodies). Now I have heard many sermons preached on this passage and every preacher I have heard applies this to drugs and alcohol, tattoos and piercings. But why does no one address the issue of food and health? Christians are some of the unhealthiest people I know. I do not feel like I am taking this verse out of context to apply it to our health and what we put into our “temples” in the form of food. Our bodies are a gift from God and he want us to treat them in the best way possible and of course that must mean eating the best food possible. The better we take care of our bodies the longer we will be here on this earth and the more time to fulfill our God-given purpose here. Are we as christians treating our bodies as a temple? You may not smoke or drink, but what types of toxins are you putting in your body through food? This is something that has just become a priority to me, a year ago, six months ago, or even 6 weeks ago I gave no thought to how the food I was eating was affecting my health and longevity. And then I thought about my kids, do I want them to have the same health issues I have? Do I want them to have a fighting chance at good health? Do I want to be here for them as long as I possible can? I want to be able to take my kids to the park without pain or stand at the stove to cook them a meal without having to stop to sit down. So if eating more fruits and vegetables and less fast food is what its going to take to make that happen then that is what I am going to do. So are we what we eat? I believe so. I am determined to treat my body like a temple that is fit for my Lord.




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