Broccoli, carrots and spinach, oh my!

Now that I have changed the way I eat I am getting a lot of questions like ” So what do you actually eat?” ” How can you even do it?” 

Well let’s start with the first question… What am I eating? Well that’s simple, vegetables.  I have done quite a bit of research lately on what a person with Fibromyalgia should and shouldn’t eat. It mainly boils down to anything processed, loaded with refined sugar, wheat products, diary, caffeine. So what’s left? Like I said vegetables. It has been proven that if a person with FB goes on a strictly vegetarian diet the symptoms of FB will decrease. So I have cut out all sugar and processed foods and most diary. I eat vegetables for all 3 meals a day. Now don’t get me wrong I still eat meat. But I limit my protein to one meal a day and try to have 3 times more vegetables than protein. Why am I limiting my protein? Because proteins make you crave carbohydrates. The more protein you eat the more bread you crave and bread is a no no for people with FB. I already am going to have a hard enough time with bread cravings I don’t want to make it even worse. I am also trying to have at least half of the vegetables I am eating raw. You can have vegetables all day long, but if you are cooking them to death then there is no nutrience left in them and it was a complete waste of time.  So here is what an average daily menu for me looks like. I wake up and have a glass of water before I eat and drink anything. Then I have my coffee. Coffee is one thing I am not welling to give up. Even though caffeine is not good I only have one cup a day. And if you know me well enough no one wants to see me if I haven’t had my coffee. Why not decaf you ask? Because the chemical process used to decaf coffee is disgusting. I add a little bit of raw organic sugar and organic half and half or whipping cream to my coffee. For breakfast I have either a spinach omelet or a sweet potato, then for lunch a vegetable and quinoa salad, for supper I’ll usually have half a chicken breast with spinach salad and whatever vegetables I have to go with the meal.  My before bedtime snack has been a yummy bowl of watermelon. I looked forward to this all day long, since I have limited myself to only one fruit a day. No fruit isn’t bad for but it is still full of sugar and vegetables are much better. For in between meals I made this yummy hummus recipe I found here. I eat this with organic tortilla chips or raw veggies. And I might add almost everything I am eating now is organic. I never thought it was that big of deal, organic or not.  You’d be surprised. Just sit down and watch “Food Inc” to learn the difference. Fresh clean produce or produce laden with chemical pesticides that can do all sorts of things to your body. No thanks.  Now I do not expect everyone to adhere to a diet this strict. My kids and husband aren’t even eating the same diet I am. But I do encourage everyone to get more raw veggies in their diet and be informed about what they are eating. Turn your food around and look at the ingredient list. Is the first ingredient sugar or some chemical you can’t even pronounce? Then don’t eat it!  (FYI the  ingredients are listed in order from the largest amount in the product to smallest. So if sugar is listed first the food is mostly sugar. ) 

The next question is how can I do it? I’m not going to lie it hasn’t been easy. If you knew me before you would know I ate a lot of fast food and was literally addicted to Coca Cola. So to quit those things cold turkey took some severe motivation. But I had it. I was sick and in pain and wanting to live my life like a normal person. It’s only been a short time and I already feel better. I still have pain but I have so much more energy which is something people with FB never have. I can have all those fattening processed foods but I don’t want them. I am not doing this as a diet to lose weight. Even though I need to lose weight and I am sure I will from eating this way. But this is a lifestyle change I am doing to take better care of the body The Lord has given me. So I encourage you examine the food you are eating daily, the food you are feeding to your children. Is there any nutritional value to it. Is it full of chemicals that can be harmful to your body? Don’t take my word for it search scripture, ask The Lord for wisdom with the food choices you make. Remember He is dwelling in you…


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