Eating organic is so expensive.

One of the reasons I have never gotten into the organic “fad” is because eating organic is so expensive. I thought we would never be able to afford it on our very limited budget. So i never even tried. I would walk right past the healthy sections of the store without a thought of ever purchasing any. But once I came to the realization that my eating habits had to change I knew the way I shopped for my food had to change also. 

We decided the best way to determine our new grocery budget would be for me to go buy what I needed and see just how much that would cost and how long the food I bought lasted. I have been shopping this way for about a month and a half now and what is the outcome? We have saved money! Yes, thats right I have been buying almost all organic food and we have saved money. 

How have I done this? Well first of all we have almost stopped eating out entirely. Because my diet is so limiting to what I can eat there are only a couple of restaurants that I can eat at anyway. Now I am really telling on myself now, but we were spending so much money eating out, just because of the convenience. In order not to fall into the same trap of eating out often I have to be prepared. I now try to have each meal planned out ahead of time. For the days I am working I have our dinner waiting in the crockpot when I get home.

Another way I have allowed us to save money is by making so many things myself. Some of the most expensive organic food is the packaged “easy food.” By easy food I mean things you can just throw in your kids lunch box or open up and hand them for breakfast while your running out the door. Things like granola bars. By making these things with organic ingredients I bought in bulk I have saved us so much money and I get the satisfaction of my family eating something I made myself.   

Here is a few tips when shopping for organics.

Have a plan, but be flexible. Have your meals planned out and have a list, but sometimes I’ll get to the store and can’t find an ingredient or it is way out of my price range so I have to improvise. 

Buy enough for your family, but don’t over do it. Don’t overload your shopping cart with lots of produce that will just go bad before your family has a chance to eat it. I try to do my main grocery shopping every 2 weeks, buying things that will last with only enough produce my family can eat in a few days. Then I will make trips to our farmers market to restock on produce between grocery shopping. 

Bargain shop. Sometimes I will go to 2 or 3 stores looking for the best deal. I now know which stores have better deals on produce and which ones to buy the dry goods at. This meant our shopping in the beginning would take almost a full day, but it is getting faster and faster each time. 


Hope these tips helped you in your journey of healthy living! 


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