My family and I have been making health conscience decisions about what we eat for almost two months and we have seen a lot of improvements to our health. So what can eating organic whole foods for 2 months actually do for you?

Well for starters you will lose weight. I said in my first post that I was not eating this way to lose weight. This was not a “diet” for me. I made these changes to improve my health and my families. But I knew we would in turn lose weight from this though. So how much have I lost? After two months of eating a healthy diet I have lost 11 lbs, and I feel great! Unfortunately none of my clothes fit anymore ( anyone want to donate some clothes to me?), but I consider this a good problem to have. Others are noticing the weight loss and how I just look better. I am enjoying this, not because I am a vain person, but because others can see the outcome of a healthy lifestyle. Like I’ve said I am cooking whole foods for my husband and children also though they do not stick to a strict of diet that I am on. And guess what? My husband has lost 25lbs! That’s right 25lbs in 2 months. Normally I would be extremely jealous of his weight lose compared to mine, but I’m not. I’m genuinely happy for him.

Another change I have noticed is how great I feel. I would no way claim that I am cured from fibromyalgia. I still have my “bad days”. But I have so much more energy. And because I am able to do more during the day I am not having to deal with insomnia so much. By the time my head hits the pillow it’s not moving till my alarm goes off and that is a nice change. It is so refreshing to be able to feel like a normal person and actually have energy to get things done.

One more thing that I always knew I had a problem with and finally feel like I have concurred (with the help of The Lord) is the perception of food as a reward. I would always use food as a treat to myself after a hard days work or if I was feeling down. I felt I deserved to feel good with food. But now I’ve had to completely change the way I look at food. Food is a way to nourish my body, not a way to make me feel good. Once I began to look at food as a way of nourishment not pleasure then this lifestyle of healthy eating was easy. I honestly haven’t been tempted to eat anything sugary or fattening. I don’t need those things to make me feel good. I can find satisfaction in my God, my family, and the tasks The Lord has given me.

I have never regretting making these changes for us. I know that only good things will continue to come as a result. And I hope because of that I can inspire others to take a closer look at the food their eating and what it is doing to their bodies.


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