The Chicken Coop

Not long into our organic endeavor did we figure out that eating healthy didn’t have to break the bank. Most foods we were buying organic were not that much more expensive than the regular product. (Besides I felt it was worth any price increase there might be.)

That applies to all except meat. Organic meat is crazy expensive! So expensive in fact that we actually haven’t taken the plunge and bought any organic meat. We stick with the “all natural” chicken. (And yes there is a difference, organic and all natural is not the same) So what was my Iowan Farm boy husbands solution to this problem? Let’s just raise our own.

And that’s exactly what we are doing. My husband bought 10 broilers and 9 laying hens and we are raising them in the middle of our driveway. Yep, that’s cause we live in the middle of town and don’t really have the “acreage” to raise chickens and I’m not sure it’s even legal to do in our city. But that doesn’t stop us.

So how’s it going? Well we have some small laying hens that won’t produce any eggs for a few more months and some rapidly growing broilers. And all I can say so far is that they stink. They stink really bad. I can’t even walk outside my house with out smelling the horrible smell of our chicken coop. I feel sorry for our neighbors.

Ideally the plan for these chicken is once the broilers are fully grown we will take them to be butchered (no, we are not going to butcher them ourselves) and we will have a freezer full of chickens we raised ourselves. Then once our hens are mature we should be getting 9 eggs a day! Can’t wait. As long as I can endure the smell.

I will try to keep you all posted in our chicken raising endeavors.


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