School’s Out For Summer…


School’s out for my family and summer vacation has started. This will be the first summer in 2 years that I will not be working, therefore we have a little more freedom to take advantage of the time off. My husband’s parents own a Organic Dairy farm in Iowa. We really don’t get to see each other much because it is hard for them to leave the farm and we are busy with life here in Texas. Well, this summer is going to be different.


We are going to spend SEVEN weeks with my in-laws in Iowa. Yep, you heard me right. Am I crazy? I dont think so. Not sure if my in-laws agree, but I think it’s going to be great. And my kids are super excited. They love spending time on the farm. My Husband has younger siblings so there are plenty of aunts and uncles for my kids to look up to. They will be busy “picking eggs,”  (My father-in-law owns 10,000 laying hens so there are plenty of eggs to keep them busy) feeding calves, and milking cows. My husband is going to be there to help my father-in-law with all the farming duties for the summer, which is a lot.1238164_10151871274154557_795530935_n


What am I going to do you may ask? Stay out of the way. I am going to try and help out wherever I can, but also try not to be a nuisance. I hope to learn some gardening tips from my awesome mother-in-law. I plan to get a ton of blog writing done, do some Bible studying, and even more health and wellness studying. But most of all I intend to rest and take care of my body. I am afraid I over did it this past school year. My health issues seem to be increasing. Nothing serious, more irritating. Like Benign Fasciculation Syndrome, sounds big and scary but it’s not. It’s just twitching all over my body. Have you ever been really tired or stressed out and your eyelid starts to twitch? Well thats exactly what this is except all over my body. It did really drive me crazy, but now I’m pretty much use to it. What causes this all over twitching? You guessed it, stress is a leading factor. From what I’ve been told it’s something I will always have to deal with, but remove the causing factors (like stress) and it will get better. Also my hair has been falling out. Now I have a ton of hair so I’m not worried about going bald anytime soon, but I am pretty fond of my hair and would like to keep it. So I intend to use this trip to the farm as a sabbatical of sorts. A chance to let my body rest and recover from the things I put it through. It’s been a hard lesson for me to learn, but The Lord is showing me its ok to rest, it’s ok to say no, its ok to not be perfect.


So pray for us as we travel up north. Pray for me that I will get the rest and peace of mind that I need. And most of all pray for my in-law’s sanity!


Matthew 11:28-30

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.


DIY Tuesday-Shampoo and Conditioner

Lately I have been getting lots of compliments on my hair. Usually for two reasons: one because it is getting so long and another for how shiny it is. I can’t help but chuckle inside myself when I receive compliments on my hair because I know how little I do to my hair compared to most women. I owe my long, glowing locks to 2 different things.


If you’d like to receive more info on the LLV pack send me an email at

First of my hair has been growing like crazy since I began taking doTERRA’s LifeLong Vitality Pack. This set of supplements have been life changing. They have done wonders for my fibromyalgia and other health issues. I would not, could not live without them. Thanks doTERRA! And my hair has grown 4 inches in the seven months I have been taking them! Crazy! I’m sure the LLV Pack also contributes to the shine most people have noticed as well.

Another thing that has changed in my beauty regime is that I no longer use shampoo and conditioner. Crazy right? Now you know why I find it so amusing when people comment on my hair. I am now an avid “no pooer”. In case you are new to the term “no poo” No Poo- the practice of not using shampoo to clean your hair. I take it a step farther and I do not use conditioner either.
Now before you get all grossed out, I do clean my hair. With what you ask? Baking soda! Here is my No Poo method in detail.

no_shampoo1. Baking Soda- I keep a small bowl of baking soda in my shower. I also like to add a few drops of essential oil to the soda. Peppermint, melaleuca, rosemary, are all good options.

2. Add just enough water to the baking soda to make a paste. Rub this paste into your scalp. Pretty simple. I keep the paste in my scalp as I shower. You want it to absorb the oil/grease on your scalp. Once the paste is no longer gritty feeling it is time to rinse it out.

photo 3

Your baking soda paste should look similar to this.

This is where you can use your conditioner if you like, but I don’t because it isn’t necessary with the no poo method. The reason you need conditioner is because traditional shampoo strips your hair of all oils, good and bad, so you need the conditioner to replace the needed oils. With no poo your natural oils stay put, so you don’t need to replace them. But the baking soda can make your hair feel pretty dry especially at first so that’s where the vinegar come in. Yep, I said vinegar.

3. I keep a spray bottle of half vinegar (apple cider or distilled), half water plus a few drops of essential oils. I like a combo of grapefruit and lavender. Spray this concoction all over the ends of your hair. Try to avoid the roots. I was amazed at first how soft my hair turn as soon as the vinegar was applied. I comb out my hair with the vinegar still on and then 2

It’s that easy! I have been able to cut down my hair washing from every other day to twice a week. How does it look? You be the judge.

photo 1

This was four days after washing

*A few side notes.
-Some people say they can’t wash their hair with out the “suds.” (I use to be one of them.) I suggest adding a small amount of castile soap to the baking soda paste if you need the suds, and gradually wean yourself of the soap.
-Your hair will feel pretty dry at first even with the vinegar. Just keep with it, your hair isn’t use to having to produce its own oils. The conditioner you’ve been using has been doing all the work. After a little while your hair will soften up once it remembers how to make its own oils.

Chicken Coop Revisited-Homesteading in the City.


If you missed my chicken post a few months back here is the link so you can get caught up. For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting an update well here ya go and it’s a doozy.
My last chicken post was written last fall and at the time we have 10 broilers (meat chickens) and 9 laying hens. Since then my husband graciously agreed to move the horrid smelling coop from our driveway to the backyard, the backyard that also holds our dogs. So needless to say our chicken count quickly dwindled down. By November we were down to 6 broilers and 2! laying hens. Out of our 3 dogs, a lab, a basset hound, and a shih tzu which do you think would be the culprit? Yep, it was the shih tzu. Does he look like a cold blooded killer? Well he is. He killed 11 chickens!


The cold blooded chicken killer.      By the way, he is still looking for a chicken free home

After a few weeks it was time to butcher the few we had left. Call us crazy, but we did decide to butcher our own chickens. It actually wasn’t that difficult. I will write a post at a later date detailing how we butcher our chickens, cause everyone needs to know that. So we had 6 whole chickens in our freezer and was getting an egg or 2 a day.


Butchering in action

The 6 chickens really didn’t last that long, I usually bake 1 chicken a week. So it was time to order some more chickens. This time since we were so experienced we took the plunge and bought 25 chicks. We only lost 3 of these chicks. (Because we gave the dog to the neighbor, lol!) We again butchered them all ourselves and my freezer is packed with chickens that should last us 6 months! Go us! Nothing better than eating a meal you raised and butchered yourself.


My husband using his infamous “killing cone”.

Essential Oils 201 

  Well, first let me apologize for the lack of blog post in the recent months. Yesterday was my last day to work (bitter sweet) so I’m hoping to get more blogging done. I have several post I’m wanting to sit down and write and some updates to past posts. But I couldn’t not write this post on essential oils. As you probably noticed that the name of this post is essential oils 201. No, I have not posted essential oils 101 yet, and I do know how college classes work. But I have come to the conclusion that most people I know who would be reading this is already using essential oils. So hopefully you already received an intro to oils class. If not I will be posting that soon. So here are a few of my tips on essential oil usage. 
Essential Oil Safety 

First let me start with the most important part and that is using the oils safely. So this will take some reaserch on your part. Never take someone’s word for it that something is safe. I choose to use and sell doTERRA essential oils. Why? Several reasons, but mainly because I know they are safe. DoTERRA’s oils are “Certfied Pure Theraputic Grade” oils. What does that mean exactly? A whole lot and yet nothing really at all. DoTERRA promises that all of their oils are 100% pure, safe, organic, etc. But do I take their word for it, NO! And you shouldn’t either. There is no FDA regulations on essential oils, so that means no one is coming behind these oil companies and checking that what they are claiming is actually true. BUT doTERRA uses 3rd party testing on all of there oils. So someone who isn’t employed by doTERRA or benefitted by them in anyway is testing these oils to make sure doTERRA’s claims are true. And the result of these testing are public knowledge. So no matter what oil company you choose to go with make sure their claims are true. If no one outside of the company can back up there claims of purity how can you know it’s true. I am using these oils on myself and my children topically and orally, and I want to know what I am putting in or on my kids. Remember there is no regulations on essential oils, so just because you bought an oil that said it is 100% pure doesn’t mean it’s not filled with chemicals, synthetics, or fillers. It happens more than you think. Make sure you are using an oil company you trust with your children’s health. 

Another issue that just burns me up is the lack of knowledge people have of the oils they are using. A lot of the blame is on the people who are using them blindly. You need to take your healthy care into your own hands, and that means educating yourself on whatever you are using to improve your health. If your taking prescription medication research what is in it and what it does.  Same for the essential oils. Research the oils you are using, what else does that oil help with, can it be taken internally to not.  Let me just say there is A LOT of false information on the oils on the Internet so make your information comes from a reliable source. There is plenty of scientific studies that have been done by qualified people. Anyone can write a blog post on how the oils are unsafe, just as someone can write one claiming they cured them of every ailment. Just make sure your info is coming from someone who has the authority to give the info. 

I also think a lot of the blame can be placed upon the people who are selling the oils. It seems so many are running around trying to get as many people signed up under them as possible and not making sure those they have sold the oils to actually understand how to use them. And then they have so many people signed up under them they don’t have time to help all of the people they have signed up. I am dedicated to not only getting people to use the oils but to also educate them on how to use them. I get lots of questions about the oils from people who are signed up under other people or even other companies. I am constantly trying to educate myself about essential oils so I try to help whoever I can but my responsibility and priority is to those who I have signed up. I chose to go with doTERRA essential oils, I know doTERRA essential oils. Each company has different products and blends of oils. I can not answer questions about products from other companies because I do not know anything about those products. 

 One complaint I hear about the oils is “oh, I tried them, but the just don’t work for me”. When I go to the dr and he is trying to get me on any type of prescription medication they almost always say “if this medication doesn’t work then come back and we will try something else”. They say this because they know everyone’s chemistry is different and what works for one person may not work for another. The same goes for the oils. When someone asks me what oils help with sleep I usually tell them the blend that I use and also recommend a few others. I tell them to try one first and see if it helps, if not we can try something else. This is a good rule of thumb for all the oils. Just because one didn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should throw the baby out with the bath water. I know the oils work because I use them, it just may take little experimenting to figure out exactly what’s going to work for you. 
 I believe in the oils so much and am frustrated when I see people misuse them or use them without thought. Please educate yourself and take your health and your family’s health into your own hands. No one is going to be a bigger advocate for your family than you. 
Happy Oiling!