Chicken Coop Revisited-Homesteading in the City.


If you missed my chicken post a few months back here is the link so you can get caught up. For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting an update well here ya go and it’s a doozy.
My last chicken post was written last fall and at the time we have 10 broilers (meat chickens) and 9 laying hens. Since then my husband graciously agreed to move the horrid smelling coop from our driveway to the backyard, the backyard that also holds our dogs. So needless to say our chicken count quickly dwindled down. By November we were down to 6 broilers and 2! laying hens. Out of our 3 dogs, a lab, a basset hound, and a shih tzu which do you think would be the culprit? Yep, it was the shih tzu. Does he look like a cold blooded killer? Well he is. He killed 11 chickens!


The cold blooded chicken killer.      By the way, he is still looking for a chicken free home

After a few weeks it was time to butcher the few we had left. Call us crazy, but we did decide to butcher our own chickens. It actually wasn’t that difficult. I will write a post at a later date detailing how we butcher our chickens, cause everyone needs to know that. So we had 6 whole chickens in our freezer and was getting an egg or 2 a day.


Butchering in action

The 6 chickens really didn’t last that long, I usually bake 1 chicken a week. So it was time to order some more chickens. This time since we were so experienced we took the plunge and bought 25 chicks. We only lost 3 of these chicks. (Because we gave the dog to the neighbor, lol!) We again butchered them all ourselves and my freezer is packed with chickens that should last us 6 months! Go us! Nothing better than eating a meal you raised and butchered yourself.


My husband using his infamous “killing cone”.


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