TERRAfit-A 12 week fitness program

11330002_10206826607768505_8342447717978579624_n12 weeks ago if you asked me if I exercised I would have told you no. If you would have asked me if I ever thought I would exercise or enjoy exercising I would have told NO WAY. But here I am exercising 5 times a week and ALMOST loving it.

About 3 months ago my sister asked me what TERRAfit was and if I’d be willing to do it with her. I knew that TERRAfit was doTERRA’S form of a fitness challenge but had no idea what it all entailed nor did I have any interest in doing it. But with the urging of my sister I signed up, not only to participate but also to coach a team. I quickly drug my husband and other sister into this “adventure” with us. After doing some homework I understood a little better about the TERRAfit program. TERRAfit is a 12 week fitness challenge. In this challenge you are actually competing against others for a chance to win money. You are placed on a team of 5 and are given a coach. (I was the coach of our team) So you are competing with your team and as an individual. How do you win? You are given points for healthy choices. Choices like eating 4 servings of vegetables, drinking 64 oz of water, eating healthy servings, exercising, etc. TERRAfit gives you a point tracker on their website so you can see your points increase as you make healthy choices.

I wasn’t quite sure how the TERRAfit program was going to work out for me, but I knew I didn’t want to disappoint my team so I plunged right in and tried my hardest. I knew the eating part of the challenge was going to be pretty simple, I had pretty much already been eating that way for several months. All I need to change was breaking up my 3 bigger meals into 6 small meals. Which wasn’t as easy as I thought but doTERRA’s Trimshakes did make that part easier. The part I knew I would have the hardest time with was the exercising. I have always been pretty good at getting out of exercising and making excuses for why I didn’t need to. But with TERRAfit exercising 5 times a week is a big part of your points, so I broke down and started exercising. TERRAfit has their workout program you can get along with your registration. It is streamed right to your computer or you can purchase the DVD’s. The workouts were difficult but do-able. They switch up the routine enough that you aren’t doing the same old thing everyday. It is a great mix of muscle toning and cardio. Unbelievably I actually started enjoying my workout. But by far the best part of TERRAfit is the accountability. Everyday you are accountable to the point tracker that will keep up with the points you earned for the day, You are accountable to the team, and to the coach. So backing out was never an option for me.

Today marks the end of my 12 week challenge. How did I do? Well I wasn’t perfect, but I did the challenge the best I could do. I knew my weight loss wouldn’t be huge since I had already lost 25 lbs in the previous months. I lost 8 lbs and over 10 inches! I lost over 4 inches just in my waist! My husband lost 11 lbs.  My energy level has increased tremendously. I can do things I never thought I could before. I understand how cliche that sounds, but it is true. I am extremely grateful to my sister for convincing me to do it and for TERRAfit for developing such an effective program.
New challenges are starting almost every month and I will be continuing to coach teams. If you are interested in TERRAfit or would like to join a challenge you can contact me here.   


My joy no man taketh.

It seems here lately everytime I open up my newsfeed I am bombarded with discouraging news. Whether it’s gossip, tabloid trash, children running away, or parents losing a child, the list goes on and on. It has gotten so bad lately I have began to not even read the posts that come up. It is for this reason that I have decided for my own benefit to write an encouraging blog post today, hopefully you can be encouraged by it also.

To me it seems as if social media has become a tool for satan to discourage God’s people. Don’t get me wrong, I believe plenty of good can be done and is done through social media, and obviously it hasn’t kept me from taking part in using it, but it sure does make this world we live in look dark and depraved. While I was thinking about it all this morning The Lord brought to my mind the words of Jesus in John 16 “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”.

I found it so refreshing to know that despite all the terrible news we can receive each day that The Lord has overcome the world. Though it may seem like the liberals, atheist, or christian-haters have taken over, have faith, Jesus said it Himself, He has overcome the world. They may think they have control or have stolen our joy, but we know their victory will only be temporary while ours is eternal.

I suggest you take time in your day to read the entire 16th chapter of John. Meditate on verses like 22 “And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.” Jesus said, yes, right now you will have sorrow and turmoil, but don’t worry, soon we will see Jesus and no man, or woman or man becoming a woman can take that Joy away from us.

Let me make this plea to you, instead of dwelling on the bad we hear or throwing our hands up and giving up, let’s fill our newsfeed with the joy Jesus gives us and the good news that he has overcome the world!

DIY Tuesday-Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Once we began this journey of healthy living, it seemed backward to change so much in the way we ate but to still use the chemical cleaners we had in our house. I gradually weaned myself off of all chemical cleaning products and now use ONE cleaning agent for ALL my cleaning.


Yep, you heard me right I use one recipe for all my cleaning. Tubs, toilets, kitchen, even my mirrors. What is this magical multi-purpose cleaner you may ask? Vinegar. Yes, not only is it good for your hair, (Please see my last DIY post) but it can clean any area. Vinegar is a SAFE disinfectant; add a few drops of essential oils and you have a pretty powerful yet non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner. Its so safe I even spray it on my fruits and vegetables when I bring them home from the store.

photo (3) 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner:




10 drops OnGuard essential oil

5 drops citrus oil such as lemon, wild orange, or grapefruit.


Fill glass container half full with vinegar. Add essential oils and fill remainder with water. Shake well and use.


*You will need to shake before every use because the essential oils will settle at the top.

For extra grimy places I sprinkle with baking soda first and then spray with cleaner and scrub.



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