DIY Tuesday-Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Once we began this journey of healthy living, it seemed backward to change so much in the way we ate but to still use the chemical cleaners we had in our house. I gradually weaned myself off of all chemical cleaning products and now use ONE cleaning agent for ALL my cleaning.


Yep, you heard me right I use one recipe for all my cleaning. Tubs, toilets, kitchen, even my mirrors. What is this magical multi-purpose cleaner you may ask? Vinegar. Yes, not only is it good for your hair, (Please see my last DIY post) but it can clean any area. Vinegar is a SAFE disinfectant; add a few drops of essential oils and you have a pretty powerful yet non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner. Its so safe I even spray it on my fruits and vegetables when I bring them home from the store.

photo (3) 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner:




10 drops OnGuard essential oil

5 drops citrus oil such as lemon, wild orange, or grapefruit.


Fill glass container half full with vinegar. Add essential oils and fill remainder with water. Shake well and use.


*You will need to shake before every use because the essential oils will settle at the top.

For extra grimy places I sprinkle with baking soda first and then spray with cleaner and scrub.



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