Life on the Farm

Well, we have been on my in-laws farm for almost three weeks now and life is busy, but a different, good kind of busy. The month of June is probably the busiest for farmers so my husband, father in-law and brothers in-law have been out late in the fields,(it’s 10:30pm and they still aren’t in yet) but it’s nice because I still get all 3 meals with my hubby and anytime I want to see him I can usually just step outside. Or we can spend some quality time milking the cows and feeding calves.

photo 5

Waiting patiently to be milked.

Tonight was the first time for me to milk, ever. I grew up around livestock, especially cattle, but I have to admit I was pretty nervous. Showing beef cattle and milking a dairy cow are not the same. It is pretty intimidating to have a cow’s hoof at the height of your face and then have to reach between their legs. On top of it all they are nervous with me being there because they don’t know me. My husband kept reassuring me that I was helping, but I just felt awkwardly slow and out of place. Guess I need more practice. I’m sure tonight won’t be the last time I will be in the parlor this summer.

Pretty intimidating, isn't it?

Pretty intimidating, isn’t it?

The kids are really enjoying themselves also. They go out and pick eggs everyday. (Which is a pretty big chore) My oldest has even been going out in the morning to wash down the parlor after they milk. They spend a majority of the day outside. It is sooo much nicer during the summer in Iowa than it is in Texas.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

One thing I have truly enjoyed that I most often take for granted is attending church. While we are here in Iowa we attend a small church. Extremely small compared to the size of our home church. We found this church a few years ago while searching for a church to attend while we are visiting and try to get back there every time we can. It is so neat to see the church grow and the people grow also. But this time around has been really exciting. The church has recently had many new people accept Jesus Christ as Savior and to see their excitement for the Lord is humbling. It makes me ashamed of how comfortable I have been in my faith. These people are so yearning for the Word they can overlook the maybe imperfect atmosphere. How many times have we gone to church and sat through a sermon and all we take away is the fact that the sanctuary was too hot or cold, or that we didn’t care for the special music, etc, etc. These people can ignore the temperature in the room or that fact the music might be a little off key, all they seem to care about is soaking up the Word of God that is being preached. It can definitely put a complacent Christian in their place.
So needless to say the first three weeks in Iowa have been awesome. I am thoroughly enjoying my temporary life as a dairy farmer’s wife. It will be hard to return to reality in a few weeks.

Would you stick your hands in there?

Would you stick your hands in there?


3 thoughts on “Life on the Farm

  1. I really enjoyed your little blog. Having the children there is such a good thing for them. They are learning so much and a memory that will stay with them forever.
    Have fun and Texas will welcome you home when the time comes.


      • I loved it. Makes me so happy to hear about the family. You’ll have a special place in my heart and always will. That is so awesome that the kids are experiencing the farm life. Nothing compares. I remember milking (or trying too) my grandmothers cows in Idaho. Be safe traveling back.


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